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Sontex Superstatic 440 Heat Meter

Sontex Superstatic 440 Heat Meter

 In order to claim RHI for eligible installations, a suitable heatmeter is required. The Sontex 440 is an MID Class 2 RHI compliant heat meter that can be used on solar, biomass or heat pump installations and is one of the few heatmeters that will meet Ofgem requirements for solar thermal installations.
The Sontex 440 comes in a range of sizes and must be matched to the flowrate of the installation. If it is being installed in a solar thermal system it must also be properly calibrated for the make and concentration of the glycol in the system. Secon Solar will calibrate the heat meter for you to your own specification and supply a calibration certificate. The Calibration must be set  at the time of order however if your option is not available please contact customer services.
We have discovered that not all glycol/heat transfer fluid is on the options list for these heat meters due to some manufacturers not submitting details of their fluid for inclusion. Our glycol - Tyfocor and Fernox are already on the list.
Sizes available Qp 2.5, Qp 3.5, Qp 6.0, Qp 10.0, Qp 15.0, Qp 25.0, Qp40.0, Qp60.0
(Qp15.0 to Qp60.0 are special order only – please allow up to 2 week lead time)

The RHI is available for any non domestic installation since July 2009

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