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The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy has just announced some significant changes to the RHI. The highlights are as follows:
  •        Solar thermal remains eligible for Domestic RHI but no change to the rate of 19.74p/kWh
  •        Biomass RHI will increase from 4.21p to 6.44p, an increase of over 50%
  •        ASHP RHI will increase from 7.51p to 10.02p, an increase of 33%
  •        Although the new rates don’t take effect until 1st April 2017, any install between now and then will automatically move on to the higher rates in April
  •        There is a cap on the total heat claim for biomass of 25,000 kWh and 20,000kWh for heat pumps
  •        Heat Pumps will also now require electricity metering
Here at Secon we think these changes prove that the Government is committed to helping properties move away from carbon intensive heating systems. In particular the improvement to the RHI for heat pumps is very significant with the aim to support the development of a robust heat pump supply chain.
We believe this will help to bring ASHP into the mainstream which is a huge positive benefit for all renewable installers. To see the full consultation response Click here 

Solar Thermal Domestic RHI Calculator
After many years of waiting and many hours spent in meetings with STA and DECC (with special thanks to Stuart Elmes, Chair of our Solar Thermal Working Group) we can finally give a link to MCS website with their calculator for Domestic Solar Thermal RHI.
Within a few short minutes you can show your customers how much of a payment they are going to receive over the 7 year term of the RHI.
The calculator also allows you to enter the current DHW system installed and will then show the savings (in Kwh) that the customer will also see over the same period.
This calculator makes some very basic assumptions and asks for minimum input from the installer - making it a very simple interface to what turned out to be very complicated set of numbers behind the spreadsheet.

DECC have launched a domestic RHI calculator for all technologies with the aim of making it easier for households to gauge how much they could earn from the domestic RHI.

RHI Calculator