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Panasonic Mono Systems

Panasonic has designed the new Aquarea Mono-Bloc heat pump for houses which have high performance requirements but limited space to install the outdoor unit.
Whatever the weather, Aquarea can work even at -20°C. The Mono-Bloc is easy to install in new and existing residential properties.
  • Efficient control of room temperature based on the outdoor temperature, indoor temperature using the Aquarea Manager Optional Smartphone control.
  • Range from 5 to 16Kw
  • High Performance is only available in single phase
  • TCAP and HT are available in 3 phase but 3 phase versions are not listed here
  • Maximum hydraulic module output temperature: 55°C
  • Works down to -20°C
  • Plug and play system
   ‘H’ Series Typical Installation
 Installation and setup Monobloc System

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