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Low level air separator kit

Low level air separator kit

MICRO-PURG 150 "Solar" air separator is based on the well-known MICRO-PURG air separator for  conventional heating installations and has been adapted for installation in thermal solar collector installations by equipping it with a heat and glycol-resistant VITON-O-ring and CONEX compression fittings for 22mm copper tube. Made of ms 58 cast brass for max. operating temperature of 150 C° (300° F) at 6 bars pressure. 

MICRO-PURG 150 "Solar" is sophistically constructed as an air trap that stops the air bubbles efficiently below the PURG-O-MAT 150 air vent so that they are automatically eliminated. Its high efficiency is still intensified by the incorporated stainless strainer that also absorbs the small micro-bubbles. The strainer can be taken out for clof £15 for quantities of 10+

eaning by the easily dismountable cover.
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