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Unlike most Smart Controls, LightwaveRF is a complete system that gives you full control over a range of smart devices including lighting, sockets and heating.

With the LightwaveRF App you can manage your smart devices remotely with a smartphone, set up timer events, manage scenes, measure energy data and control your heating

Lightwave RF will also connect with Amazon Alexa so you can also use voice controls to turn lamps on and off, manage mood lighting, switch sockets on and off and control your heating.

Amazon Alexa also gives you voice control of music and TV and the range of options is growing very quickly.

If you are thinking about offering your clients a smart control option, LighwaveRF is so much more than a smart heating controller and opens up a huge range of accessories that can be added.

For the whole range of options follow this link

Lightwave pdf

To get started with Lightwave controlling a heating system there are 3 key components you will need

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